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Lupetta pasta is sourced from our long established pasta supplier based in Lombardy in the beautiful Franciacorta wine producing region in the Province of Brescia.  Each shape is made from high quality, 100% Italian, Kronos® wheat semolina which gives a bright yellow colour and a higher protein level [14%] than standard durum wheat pasta.

Spaghetti is the world’s most popular pasta shape and great with tomato sauces. Try our delicious Lupetta Cherry Tomato Sauce as a great base and add seafood such as prawns, clams or anchovies, or stir in some Pesto alla Genovese straight after cooking.

When cooking, Lupetta pasta releases less starch and retains its al dente texture. This makes it ideal for ‘double cooking’ if you need to part cook, set aside and then finish cooking briefly later.  Perfect for those wishing to spend more time with their guests than in the kitchen!

Made using a bronze die which gives the Spaghetti a roughened, powdery surface texture which your chosen sauces will adhere to better.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and for Halal and Kosher diets.

Spaghetti is quick to prepare and ready to serve in just 7 minutes. Available in 500g packs from £1.99 or

Buy in cases of 24 packs for £39.99 (£1.67 per packet)

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