In the beginning…

The idea for an authentic regional Italian ingredients range was formed more than 45 years ago but never realised … until now.

This is the story of Lupetta.

In 1902 Luigi Donatantonio, an immigrant from Naples, set up a delicatessen in Clerkenwell to serve the Italian community in London, importing only the very best ingredients from his homeland.The Donatantonio business grew into a fine food importer and distributor, passing from generation to generation, always maintaining the belief that the real magic of great tasting Italian food is founded on simple, harmonious combinations of high quality ingredients.

All Italians know that Italian food is really regional food and each region is renowned for certain dishes and ingredients. Italians will argue passionately about whether extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany is superior to Puglian for example. Or whether tomatoes from the hotter region of Campania taste better than those from cooler Lombardy.

Donatantonio registered the name ‘Lupetta’ back in 1967 with a view to launching a range of the finest ingredients but little progress was made, perhaps because the timing wasn’t right. After all, if you wanted to buy olive oil in the late 1960s you went to the chemist and Spaghetti Bolognese was about as adventurous as cooking got for most British families.

Nearly half a century later the Lupetta brand is finally being brought to life on a range of ingredients carefully sourced from Italy’s twenty regions just as Luigi Donatantonio did over a century ago.

The Lupetta brand seeks to “curate” the best ingredients from Italy’s regions and to demonstrate a resounding empathy and understanding of the culinary harmony that exists between fine quality ingredients and their twenty mother regions.

Lupetta aims to collate and deliver only the very best regional Italian ingredients – in short, if it doesn’t meet our exacting standards of provenance, quality and taste then it doesn’t get into the range.

We’ve travelled the length and breadth of Italy to meet local producers, embrace the passion, skill and care they put into their products and brought back only the very best.

From the finest Modena grown grapes aged in oak barrels for our Balsamic Vinegar through to the unique volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius which is perfect for growing our succulent San Marzano tomatoes.

For anyone interested in cooking, and in particular in creating regional Italian dishes, the Lupetta range is an essential addition to their store cupboard – whether they wish to make a quick weekday supper more special or cook something more elaborate at weekends for friends and family.

Lupetta regional Italian ingredients – an old idea finally brought to life!


Interview at recent Speciality and Fine Food Show – Olympia